Sunday 14 November 2010

last chance saloon

Just a reminder that there are just two days left to leave a comment and enter the draw for a bag of goodies - I will randomly select a name on Wednesday to win a selection of treats (including a limited edition Border Oak mug - I know, I know, so exciting you are all jumping around your kitchens as I type!)

All you need to do is leave a little comment about what you would like to see on this blog and hey presto you could be a winner - it could be you!!

And to keep you going, here is a little teaser of next weeks blog.........the long awaited teeny tiny cottage I have been building with my dad (well strictly speaking, he paid for it, I chose stuff for it and other people who have 'real' skills actually built it).

enjoy your weekend!!

ps if you can get a friend to comment I will add your name in to the draw twice (but make sure they let me know who told them about the blog) easy!


  1. Lots more pictures of lovely border oak interiors. I personally love to see how people furnish their homes whether it be old new or eclectic mixes of items.

  2. Plots of land/progress of build/ and finally the presentation with odles of interior shots...and I mean many that I start to drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxx

  3. Loving the blog, such great ideas. Would love to see more pictures and stories of the whole process of building the dream from start to finish.

  4. LOVE Border Oak homes, long to have my own cottage- one day!! I would like to see some of the interior styling featured eg which products work well, paint colours, suppliers etc. If there is something you see that you really like, it is nice to see where it comes from- a little like a magazine style feature with stockists( obviously only applies to new items). Great way to showcase best of British/local craftspeople. I love the fact that the blog is so familiar and unpretentious; having a family, it is nice to see real life reflected here. Have you looked at Willow and Stone site?

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  6. I really love the blog and think it is great. One thing I would really like to see would be if you followed a particular border oak project and followed it from start to finish to see the whole process on your blog.

    One other quick question, I have emailed border oak on two separate occasions asking for a rough price on one of your outbuildings and a question ages ago about a photo you put on your blog. Just wondered if I had the correct email as I have never had a reply to either email and just wanted to check I had the correct one?

  7. Hi Ben
    I think there must be some sort of problem with the emails as it seems odd not to have had a reply from BODC twice? The best email to use for outbuilding quotes is I will ask the other half if he recalls anything but he is pretty good at getting back to people esp if there is a sniff of a sale!!

    And if you let me know which photo you commented on I will certainly reply, I can't believe I missed a comment/question but strangely Blogger doesn't tell me if I have had messages so it relies on me manually checking old posts- so sorry!

    And thanks for your feedback, all input is being digested and it is very lovely to receive ideas and comments. And you all go into the goodie box draw.

  8. Hi Merry

    Thanks for your reply. It was about the top picture of your blog on 20th October. I just really liked the outbuilding and the way it had the bedroom above. Would you be able to give me a rough idea of prices for something like that?

    my email is


  9. Will do Ben. There is a comment from Daniel on the 20th post, I think Border Oak did supply a quote, but nothing from a 'ben' so not sure what on earth happened there ?? But I will get an idea of price emailed to you asap. thank you!

  10. Thanks, I have got a email form Ben earlier. Sorry I actually emailed border oak but about your blog post, so it wasn't you who missed it!

    Thanks for your help.

  11. * meant I got an email from Ben earlier

    can't write today!

  12. Hi Merry,
    Was just having a last look on the Google site to see what 'Border Oak' brought up and found you!! Never looked at a blog before but love yours. We have a 2pm appointment at Kingsland HQ tomorrow (with John I think?) and we're all looking forward to it very much. We've been dreaming of having our own Border Oak home for several years and are now looking to fulfil that dream. Not found a plot yet so would be grateful for any search tips. Maybe we'll meet you whilst we're down there?

  13. Hi there
    I think you were meeting Julie and hope you had a nice time and that they lit the fire for such a grotty day. Sorry I wasn't there, I work from home and have two poorly little ones at home today so have done 'zero' real work!!
    Plot search tip - never give up and think outside the box! or join the Border Oak plot list?

    Hope to meet you soon

  14. hi merry, i love the old box you have, where did it come from ? also can you let me know the colour of it and the colour of your kitchen cupboards ? sarah.