Monday 8 November 2010

reader survey

I just wanted to thank you all for reading my blog - I know I am sporadic, unfocused and that the post are all a bit samey (too much oak framing?) but it is wonderful to think that people like Border Oak houses.

When I started it I really had no idea just how many of you would bother to check back in each week. I am really touched that somewhere, in the techno ether, there are people reading about the houses, and about Border Oak and my family. Ben found the blog stats on the weekend and it has freaked me out a bit to know that anyone actually reads it but I promise to try and make it better and more regular now that I do know. Apparently I have quite a following in the Ukraine (well 2 readers) and also a regular visitor from Afghanistan too (hello to you all!) which is exciting.

And so to say thank you to you all for your interest and loyalty I am holding a 'giveaway' (that's what real bloggers do yes?) and if you leave me a comment and let me know what you would like to see more of on my little blog I will enter you into a draw to win some Border Oak goodies (well, maybe some 'normal' stuff too- it will be lovely I promise). I will keep the competition open for a week or so. I love reading all your comments and your thoughts so please let me know what you like and don't like and what I need to do more of to keep you all happy!

Thank you so much.


  1. Personally I'm not sure I will ever tire of posts and photos of Border Oak houses. The quality of photos on your blog are really great too and not just of the exteriors, but also the interiors too. All good inspiration!
    I would struggle to give you any pointers, but one area I am interested in and know Border Oak houses score very well in, is with their insulation and efficiency.
    I'd be interested in any posts/photos about what people have done to make their houses as green as possible.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. I love everything to do with Border Oak and oak framed buildings, and there is nothing that you post that I don't like! In fact I get excited when I see another new entry from you come up in my reader. The sort of thing I would like to see more of is the smaller Border Oak homes. Don't get me wrong, I love the big house, with barn style vaulted ceilings or manor house proportions, but being realistic, they are not the style or size of house I will be able to afford to build. What I hope to achieve one day is a smaller house, more of a cottage style such as Pearmain Cottage. I would love to see beautiful family houses for the everyday, modest sized family on your blog.

    I also love seeing details of both interiors and exteriors - of the oak frame and of fabulous kitchens and sofas. But I would also like to see how the houses are to live in, as homes not just buildings. Show homes are fantastic, but I want to see the nitty gritty of life! How cosy is the house of days like today? What is it like in the kitchen when its full of people cooking and eating and being together? What is it like waking up in a Border Oak house?

    Of course I know each house is different due to its location/environment, its decor, its budget, its family, and I am not sure how you capture everything I have asked for in either words or pictures...but you did ask.

    Anyway, thanks for posting, I love it.


    p.s. Border Oak homes decorated for Christmas would be almost too much excitement for me to bear!!

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  4. I just adore your blog - I check by all the time. I love pouring over the beautiful photographs.

    I have been smitten with Border Oak houses, especially the sweet cottage variety, seen I first saw the Pearmain cottage on Grand Designs.

    However, as Vicky mentioned earlier, I'd really like to see more small designs as I'd love to build a modest oak cottage one day!


    P.S. I'm not sure what my computer did earlier but I think it deleted my first post, sorry!

  5. I originally stumbled across your blog by accident but what a happy coincidence! I love your designs and oak frames in general and would love to see more detail on how people actually live in/with Border Oak!

  6. Hi, I look forward to reading your updates, the photos and descriptions are lovely, hopefully one day you'll post pics about my b.o house!

    Keep up the good work

  7. I really enjoy your always makes me smile and keeps me focused on my dream of building a small oak framed house.I would love to see more smaller houses,suited to just a single person or a couple.Floor plans would be lovely,for some reason I love pouring over them and working out just how my dream home would be.Even more photos would be lovely,can't get enough of them!
    How about letting us know where some of those lovely things are found that we see in the interior shots? It is so hard to find good country homewares,most of what is widely available is so modern.I guess what I love is what I call modern country,classic without being fusty!

  8. I'm not really a stalker!! But basically I would really love to see everything in your house, know everywhere you like to shop, know every website you like and see other houses you have done the interiors for!! As I love everything you have done with Border Oak!

    I think you should do interior design as I would definitely love for you to help me when I build my Border Oak. I love the blog and get very excited to see what you and Border Oak have been up to!

  9. Totally agree with Ellen's post above, love your blog and everything you have done with your houses! Would love to see more and know where you get inspiration and all the lovely things from!!