Friday 26 November 2010

teeny tiny cottage - installment 1

So, I studied (very carefully) all your thoughts and considered your recommendations most seriously and it transpires that your most requested requests were:
1. More small houses
2. More interiors
3. Information on the items and products within

And so I proudly bring to you a diddy little house with lots of interior shots of which I will let you know where the stuff came from! Now that should cheer up your weekend - snow or no!

Here is installment No 1............and beware, there are quite a few photos to come (I will nudge you to wake you up some time on Sunday)

Sitting room - special features = extra wide french doors, rounded fireplace sides, oak floor. We found fabulous reclaimed flags with rounded edges for the fire hearth and used handmade bricks laid with lime mortar provide texture.

Kitchen - open plan to the hallway (which helps both rooms feel larger and less partitioned), matt granite work tops, eco friendly down lights. I used oak boards throughout the ground floor to streamline the view through and avoid any thresholds or change in levels. It is around 110m square in size so every trick that gives the impression of space is crucial.

Front bedroom - vaulted ceiling and handmade painted windows finished with fabulous silk blinds (the blinds throughout were made by the marvellous Marina - a past client who now makes all sorts of soft furnishings - these are the best Roman blinds I have seen, and believe me I have seen a few).
Main bedroom - both bedrooms are very generous doubles, which I thought was better than have three pokey rooms. I love this space as it is symmetrical and the exposed oak is just right. The photos here show the oak as a darker shade than real life - but we styled the photos on a VERY dark day so the light played a few tricks on us.

Simple classic white bathroom suite with 1930's style rectangular tiles. And although the suite is simple the room was far from - we went through about a zillion possible layouts and couldn't quite fit a shower in but in the end it worked very well. The best decision was probably swapping the door so it opened onto the landing rather than into the bathroom. I have a bit of a 'thing' about the way doors open - sad but true.

Well as I said, installments of more photos coming to you throughout the weekend with details of the products in the main pics. Enjoy.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous...droll worthy. Thank you.

  2. Ops that was supposed to read drool!! duh..

  3. Just gorgeous, I'd love to see a floor plan... Roughly how much would it cost to build a tiny Border Oak cottage, like the one you've just showcased? The craftsmanship is just wonderful.

  4. Just love the pics! I'd love to see a floor plan and some external pictures too.How much would a house like this cost to build?
    You mention low energy downlighters..what are they?

  5. Just popped over from Belle & Boo - your home is lovely! x

  6. Hi Merry. I just found your blog and am now a follower on Pinterest. I have a home and garden blog A Joyful Cottage and am currently running a weekly series called Living Large In Small Spaces. I'd love to feature you as a guest blogger and have you give us a tour of your cottage. I couldn't find an email or contact info for you, so I'm leaving a message here, hoping you'll get it. Please email me at ajoyfulcottage at gmail dot com if you get this and we'll collaborate. Regards ~ Nancy