Tuesday 30 November 2010

No 3

The kitchen was made by Sambourne Kitchens to a Border Oak design - it is fully integrated with a dishwasher, washing machine and fridge behind the doors. We added a small dresser/larder for storage. The oak shelf was made by my cousin to my design as I didn't want too many wall units.

My cousin also made this pin board I designed - I have used one of my many antique sheets (that usually sit in a cupboard somewhere so ben won't moan about me buying more old sheets that aren't for making beds with - he finds it very confusing. I knew that I would find a purpose for the antique linen one day!)
The Shaker boxes are from Border Oak and similar chairs can be found at many of the antique shops in Leominster, Ludlow or Hay - I think this was about £100 - miles better value than a new chair I think.

I especially like the landing. Here we rejigged the floor and balustrade to create a few extra square feet - not much I know but it makes the landing feel completely different. And originally the ceiling was flat but it seemed a shame to hide the oak frame, so we added a velux roof light and a handmade eco wall light (made by local potter Yen Robinson) and now the landing is bright, full of texture and interest. It is also big enough for the bathroom door to open onto the landing , making the bathroom more spacious.

I love this bed! I bought if from Tinsmiths about 5 years ago and it has served Min well - Gabriel will now sleep in it and the cot can be given away..........the baby days are officially over I guess? Boo hoo!
Anyway, the star garland is easy to make and the box file was from Llewellyn and Co in Hay. The rabbit lamp was from........um.........I have forgotten! sorry. And the cowboy picture (in honour of my father who likes cowboys - not in a Brokeback mountain sort of way I must stress - more in a leather chaps sort of way, which is not much better is it? Lets just say he has wanted a cowboy outfit for a while, oh lord I am making him sound like one of the Pet Shop Boys.....I will leave this subject now - oh dear) anyhoo the picture is by Belle and Boo.
The tatty old box is just one of my 'finds' that other people can't believe I actually paid money for. I have a lot of tatty stuff - which is different to tatt.

Ad here is a view from one bed to the other - lovely.
External photos and floor plans to follow.


  1. I have been following your blog for some months now but have only today become a follower. That sounds a bit strange when I read it back, as if I have joined a strange cult. I love the interior shots that you post and I am always interested to see what light fittings, blinds, furniture..........you have used. The rooms always look so inviting and calm. Border Oak didn't make the Shaker boxes did they? Shaker furniture and boxes are a passion of mine although I can't afford the genuine antique versions. Please keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more inspirational interiors.

  2. You have a charming home and like that you use local people for your bits and bobs.
    It's hard keeping thing simple but you have managed it beautifully .
    I didn't know Border Oak made shaker boxes- Guess they are made in OAK ,right.

  3. Glad you all like the house. the shaker boxes aren't made by Border Oak but were made for Border Oak by a lovely retired vicar near oswestry - shropshire. Border Oak do sell them (different prices for different sizes, painted and unpainted). They are traditionally made (ie steamed and nailed with copper pins) I have lots at as they are perfect storage for bits and bobs and look great stacked on one another.

  4. Thank you very much for listening to the requests for more detail about interiors- this type of feature is just right!

  5. Please, please, pleeeeease will you let me know what colour the kitchen cabinets are painted? I am absolutely in love with the colour. It's simply beautiful.