Wednesday 12 August 2009

the view from my window

A Herefordshire farmhouse

I see this house every day - it belongs to my neighbours - so I am lucky that it is a very handsome house. You can see it from the village road, but not many people will every get to see how lovely it is inside. Here are some pics taken last autumn. 

One of the best bits about my job is styling some of the Border Oak photos  - not only do I get to see lots  of beautiful oak framed houses but I also get to catch up with the owners and hear all about the ups and downs of their 'selfbuild' journey. The downside is leaving with a serious case of 'house envy' and then trying to persuade (without success) the quiet one that we need to build another house............

p.s house envy is a passing affliction but with no known cure

Fortunately my 'styling' job was made so much easier because the owners had lovely bits of furniture to work with, such as this table (made by their brother many moons ago)

And it was a simple case of borrowing  my own kitchen chairs from across the garden to bring out the best of the handmade kitchen - Jeremy Phillips the photographer has really captured the atmosphere and light of this house - which is tricky with me nagging you all the time!

I love the way the oak frame doesn't overwhelm the interior, and so the owners personality can still be felt.

The oak stairs feature unusual splats, we have them at the Border Oak office too. I think they work well against the solidity of the exposed  green oak frame and give a light hearted air to the interior.

This is the view from my front lawn. A good Herefordshire combination of exposed green oak framing over handmade bricks, and the gorgeous Border Oak porch of course.

Another house next week - a barn style oak frame perhaps? Off to search the archives.


  1. Hi Merry

    I'm really enjoying your blog, very inspiring stuff so far. Mr. Phirefly and I (like so many others) harbour an ambition to self-build and the Border Oak site and your blog make it very hard not to get carried away! They do however make me think twice about buying another pair of new shoes when I could be saving which can only be a good thing...

  2. Sigh, how beautiful, the kitchen is stunning! Infact it all is, you must wander round your own home feeling very happy with yourself to work and live in a beautiful enviroment! Keep posting the fab piccies!
    Claire xx

  3. Mrs Phirefly - life is too short NOT to buy new shoes, just make sure you include a dressing room in your future self build! So glad that you like the blog, will try and get better as I go I promise!

    And a huge thankyou Claire for getting in touch, but rest assured that most days my house looks like a cross between a musty vintage shop and an explosion in a toy factory. And don't even get me started on the mucky paw prints all over my Farrow and Ball.

    best wishes to you both!

  4. LOL, I have Farrow and Ball, the kitchen has the estate emulsion...perfect, can just be wiped away but the living room and family room are just the modern one.....nightmare with four boys and dirt!!!

  5. I too have longed to build a Border Oak cottage since the Grand designs programme and was recently tortured daily as one was built on my journey to school in Beckford, Glos where I would say to the children "That's MY home" in wistful envy. Keep up the good work and keep getting projects into magazines so I can expand my cuttings collection, for the house I WILL one day build!

  6. Ah, thankyou! I will try to let you know when the magazine articles are due out - there is a small kitchen article (big kitchen, small article) in the next issue of Real Homes (out in September) and then quite a lot in 2010 (Country Homes and Interiors, Homebuild & Renovation, Build It and possibly, hopefully, fingers crossed Country Living-my fave) but I will let you know the actual dates as and when I can.
    The house at Beckford is lovely, I will try and get some interior pics for you to see. Have a good weekend everyone!

  7. Hi, I was up your way today, we were on our way to Eastnor Castle, only to get there and find they were closed on Fridays....argh!! Went to Baileys Home and Garden, I visited their old store a few years ago but their new place is amazing, hubby very impressed, I did buy a few bits and pieces but we need to go back without the children for a good rummage, how far are your offices from there? Looking forward to seeing the magazine articles.
    Have a great weekend!
    Claire xx