Friday 14 August 2009

oak and thatch - Border Oak with knobs on!

Do you think house is pretty? I do.

My dad has some terrible old jokes and some even older socks (all odd pairs of course, which is a compulsory good omen for safe travel according to him). He also has some very old designs (he has been designing oak framed houses for more than 30 years now - incredible really as he doesn't look old enough. He may read this so I am being super nice). Obviously (and thankfully) times have changed since the 1970's - families have changed, fashions have come and gone and Building Regs have certainly altered. And yet some of Border Oak's oldest house designs have survived - prospered even.

This house is based on a very early Border Oak design - we call it Almeley Cottage - and is similar, but much larger, to our offices in Kingsland. It is a quintessential example of what traditional green oak framing can create when handled softly and will undoubtedly blend into the site seamlessly thanks to the thatch and the natural weathering of the oak.

Although it is quite expensive to build (due in part to the amount of oak, the complicated profile and intricate frame devices) and it's certainly not at the cutting edge of oak frame design, it is a faultless illustration of vernacular detail. 

The Almeley is a timeless classic - much imitated (quite badly) by competitors and ever popular with selfbuilders. Well done Daddy, you are a very clever - and handsome - man (like I said, he may be reading)

Have a lovely weekend. Next week I will post some contemporary designs to show that Border Oak can work from both spectrums!!

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  1. What a very talented Dad you have!! The buildings are beautiful. Claire xx