Thursday 27 August 2009

more photos

This weekend I went back to one of my favorite Border Oak houses to take some photos for Country Homes and Interiors Magazine. It's just down the road from our house and belongs to my old neighbours (they aren't old - but we moved to a new house, complicated I know because I have also taken photos of my current neighbours Border Oak farmhouse - blimey!) 

I can't quite explain why I love the cottage - it just has a nice atmosphere, probably because the people who live here are lovely.

It is due to appear in the February issue - which I guess will be on the news stand in January 

The oak stairs and grey flagstones are a classic pairing. Darwin , the tortoise, loves the underfloor heating!

The kitchen is a happy mix of painted units, oak, vintage furniture, auction finds and of course, some beautiful oak beams

If I could 'borrow' (i.e. keep FOREVER) something from their house it would be this blanket box. Yummy.

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