Monday 17 August 2009

now for something a little different

I was rummaging through the Border Oak photo collection and came across these - taken a couple of years ago. It's a modern interpretation of an oak framed barn, designed by Thomas Croft, and built by Border Oak. It has a great blend of contemporary detail and craftsmanship, probably most clearly illustrated in the shiny, glossy kitchen (very grown up) with a modern ceiling frame. 

I'm always really interesting to see how other people put their stamp on a structure but especially when a modern architect or contemporary design uses essentially techniques and materials over half a millennium old. 

We seem to be doing more and more contemporary houses, or should I say 'modern fusion' (I'm sure thats what the fancy architects would call it!) so hopefully the future of oak framing will be just as rosy as its past.

I love the wall of glass (and the view of course)

Such a smart kitchen and a really interesting ceiling too

I am hopefully going back to this house to take some pictures in September, will be great to see how it has weathered

I love the mix of stone, brick, weatherboard , glass and oak - a good palette of colours and textures ( and a very sweet little girl too!)
An elevation of glass - I wonder if they have curtains or not?

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  1. That is pretty much my dream house. I love the integrity of the design, its not pretending to be a period building and yet its not starkly modern. `just the perfect balance that maximises the beautiful materials used. Can't wait to see the 'after' pictures!!